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August 2006
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Young Man Saved at a SEARS Store

Shopping can be an event. Tom needed a new jacket. Tom & Carolyn headed to Sears.  Finished with their shopping on the way out, 2 young men, employees on their break, were sitting on the riding lawn mowers out front. Tom stopped and told the young men they could improve the store by putting up a sign that said Jesus saves. One of the men, Fritz, replied, "I don't think they would let us do that." Then Tom said, "Have you ever seen the 3 things God can not do?"  "I didn't think there was anything God can not do," Fritz answered. Tom went on to tell them what the 3 things were. Then, Tom proceeded with the plan of salvation. "Are you 50, 75 or 100% sure if you died right now you would go to heaven?" Tom asked. Fritz was sure; the other, Jay did not know at all.

In the next few minutes Tom had guided Jay into a personal relationship with God. Jay asks forgiveness of his sins and accepted the Lord as his Savior.  Just as they finished the prayer a couple came up to buy a lawn mower. Jay quickly returned to work to make the sale. Several things became new that day, a new convert. Jay, Fritz, the Christian, encouraged to be a witness, and Tom got his new jacket. Event Evangelism is exciting.

Bible Verse for the Month

Bible verse for the Month:  2 Peter 3:13  Nevertheless, we according to his purpose, look for the new heavens and the new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Would you like to be apart of SOS ministry?

It's fun, its rewarding, it pleases God. Call (813) 494-7512.

Do you know the 3 things God cannot do?

 1. God Can Not Lie.

 2. God Can not Change.

 3. God Can Not Let Anyone into Heaven unless they are born again.

The ABC's of the Bible

 A. Admit you have sinned.

 B. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

 C. Call upon the Lord.

That is the simple plan of salvation.

Autumn Events

SOS will be busy training Don and Shirley Riegel for two weeks in September. When their training is complete, they will be in events and have speaking opportunities in the North eastern states. Tom and Carolyn will be traveling to NC and on to NJ to train people at several locations as well as participating m soul winning events. Pray for them and that souls will be saved.

Needs and Requests

Mail scale
Newer car
New luggage
Traveling expenses
Office help (Dover, FL)

Pray for:
  Tom's health
  Don & Shirley Riegel
  Reliable vehicle
  Additional monthly support




Don and Shirley Riegel

SOS Ministries NEW Commodores

Don and Shirley were a blessing to SOS Eventsat a Conference in Lansing, Ml. Part of SOS Ministries training is participating in events.  This couple proved to be willing learners. They observed, listened and helped at the booth at this event. We trust they will be part of SOS Eventsfor many years to come.

From the Heart

The first morning at a Pastor's Conference Carolyn and I attended, we went down to breakfast. A Pastor was sharing with a tourist about his church, his life, and all that had happened to him in the past. Carolyn and I listened quietly. The Pastor finished by saying he needed to eat his breakfast and get to his meeting.

The Spirit spoke to my heart to go witness to me tourist about Jesus. I went over to his table and ask the question, "Do you know the 3 things God can not do?" In the next few minutes he prayed asking God to forgive his sins and invited the Lord to come into his life.  The Pastor thanked me and we finished breakfast together.

A little later the same day, I needed a screwdriver and went to the hardware store to purchase one. Talking with another customer about tools for a minute or two, I asked the 3 things question. He said he was a Christian. "I know one thing. God can not lie." We talked a little more and I told him I spend everyday telling someone about Jesus. He called his friend over and introduced him to me.

After once again sharing the gospel, Paul Rodregis was saved.  The Spirit indwells within us, it is God that does the saving. We rely on God's power as we pray everyday for His leading in our lives.

Would you and your church like to learn to win souls everyday? We are looking for invitations to come to churches and teach. Register on our web site:

Serving Our Savior,

Psalm 34:3 O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

New Address
New Web Site
New E mail address

SOS Eventshas had many exciting new things going on. The ministry has grown to the place where we need to incorporate as a non-profit organization.

Thank you Central Baptist Church in Crawfordville, FL. This church has been a great blessing for many years.  They have been the channel for our support and SOS Eventshas been under the umbrella of their ministry since we began in 2001.

Our new ministry address is: SOS Events, P.O. Box 89, Dover, FL 33527-0189.  We have a Web site!! That is so thrilling. Check out the Site on the web:

The E mail address has also changed to:

GOD says He makes all things new. He has blessed SOS Eventswith many new opportunities, new people, a new office, new converts and renewed enthusiasm to Serve Our Savior. 

Two Saved in Lansing

Anywhere, anytime is a place to win souls. Can souls be saved at a pastors convention? Yes. Tom & Carolyn went to breakfast at their motel and won a man to the LORD. At a hardware store, Tom had the privilege of seeing another precious soul come to Christ. Read the details in Tom's column "From the Heart." 

Please pray for these two men and the hundreds of others that have been saved and those that will be saved at events this year.

An announcement to our Faithful Supporters

You are all a blessing to SOS Events. Several of you individuals have voiced concern in the past that your checks have not been posted in a timely manner and that has been one of our concerns also. Our goal is to make new changes that will be beneficial to you and to the ministry. God led us in the right direction when He directed us to incorporate. Many Godly men have been part of this process. We are grateful for the help and advice of Godly council. Our mail will now get to the office within a reasonable time and your support will be deposited and recorded the week it is received. Your tax deductible receipt will be issued at the end of the year as usual. We know this will be a blessing to you.

Carolyn's Corner

God is creating new things all the time. It is wonderful to be part of a ministry where we can see Him work everyday. New converts are the goal of SOS as well as the desire of God's heart. Souls are coming to the Lord almost everyday in this ministry. Do we need a special event to win them?  No. A shopping trip, a meal in a restaurant, a trip anywhere, even a church service or a Sunday School Class are all places that becomes an event to us. How do we approach the stranger? The same way we approach a person at a fair or event where a display is set up. "Have you ever seen the 3 things God can not do?"

One of our preacher friends said, "It's an event to Tom and Carolyn when they get up in the morning." That is true. Every day is an opportunity to find a lost person and lead them into a relationship with the LORD.

Continue to pray for us that that zeal will continue as long as we both live. Thank all of our supporters. God loves a cheerful giver. Your rewards in Heaven will be great. We are looking forward to the New Heaven and the New earth that God has promised. We will have all eternity to Praise the Lord for His faithfulness as well as your faithfulness.


  Tom's health (heart and diabetes)
  Don and Shirley Riegel
  Reliable vehicle
  Additional monthly support

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