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June 2006
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Do souls really get saved at events? In 2004 Tom and Carolyn went to Slater, Iowa and had a booth at a one day festival put on by Slater Baptist Church. Only 3 were saved. Recently, we got a report from the church that 2 who were saved became faithful church members. The church is still in contact with the third. Also, after the event one more person got saved. Event Evangelism works. Would you like to be apart of this ministry? Call: (813) 494-7512.


Churches Partner with SOS Ministries

Faith Baptist Church, Trenton, NJ Pastor Ted Martens - Many thanks for the donation of a vinyl sign machine. Last fall Tom and Carolyn had opportunity to share SOS Eventsat this wonderful church and made known the need of a sign making machine to produce boards for the "Three Things God Can Not Do" and allow these boards to be available to churches and groups who want to participate in Event Evangelism in their area. Not only did his church give a wonderful love offering but promised a sign machine. The machine was delivered last month and is a wonderful answer to prayer.

Shiloh Baptist Association,
Plant City, FL Danny Morris
Missions Director - Thirty seven churches belong to the Shiloh Baptist Association and SOS Eventswould like to thank each of them for the recognition and love offering at their annual meeting in April. Most of the Festival workers came from these local churches and they arc the ones who deserve the recognition.

Church on the Rock, Plant City, FL Pastor Jeff Howell - Carolyn was asked to give her
testimony on Easter in the
morning service. Tom will have
both services there on Father's
Day. Thank you Pastor Howell for the opportunities to share with your congregation. Also, this church always asks SOS to be part of their Events to me community and many souls have been saved.

Bible Verse for the Month

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Tom Curtis has cardiac
rehab, brings blessing
to SOS Events

Last year Tom had a heart stent put in and the doctor ordered cardiac rehabilitation at Brandon Hospital for 36 sessions. The Curtis schedule was so full Tom had to wait to schedule it over the Holiday season when he was able to stay in Florida for an extended

While at the hospital he met some wonderful Christian nurses. One of them, Penny Ayres, was impressed with Tom's constant witness to others in the group as well
as the testimony of what God does in Tom and Carolyn's life. Penny finally said, "You must meet my husband."

Jay and Penny Ayres came to partner with SOS Ministries last month. He has set up web pages, is helping to organize the ministry so that Christians all over the USA will be able to take advantage of Event Evangelism Training.

Do we at SOS Events
believe that all things work together for good? That is a resounding YES.

Summer Events

SOS will be represented throughout the USA this summer as people who have
come to training in the past will continue to go events, CT, NY, NJ, OH, IN, IA, IL, AZ, TN, GA and FL are all represented by SOS trainees. Pray for the workers and me
souls that will be saved in me next few months.


Strawberry Festival
Plant City, FL

215 Saved at Strawberry Festival

215 Saved

The Strawberry Festival was a great blessing this year. Many people from all walks of life came to know Jesus hearing the "Three Things God Cannot Do" Fifty-two trained soul winners worked in the booth
in the 10 days the festival was

Testimonies From the Festival

Jason: Age 26 "Jesus forgave me for my sins. Thank you Lord."

Brad: Age 43 "I ask for forgiveness for my sins and have Jesus come into my

Josh: Age 13 "He saved my soul from eternal punishment"

Blanca: Age 55 "God has given me salvation and His Holy Spirit and I believe that Christ has died for my sins."

Please pray for these precious souls and the hundreds of others saved, and those that will be saved, at events this year.

From the Heart

This morning I rejoice in what God is doing in my life. SOS Eventsis growing. Jay Ayres has committed to assist
Carolyn and me to move the
ministry to the next level which is exciting. Churches and people will grow in the Spirit.

The new approach for SOS
Ministries USA is though a web site, training on DVD and using modem technology to see thousands of people trained in Event Evangelism and a multitude
of souls saved.

Jay's expertise is in organization, training and
development which is exactly what Carolyn and I have been praying for since the birth of SOS Events.

More partners are coming on
board, Ted Morter, past president of Spurgeon Bible College, has committed to work together with us to form a even greater ministry.

Just this week a friend of 20 plus years, Don Riegel and his wife Shirley called me and expressed desire to come with SOS Events.  While on a trip to California the Lord led them to call and in our conversation, Don
shared with me that through the leading of the Holy Spirit they are ready to join with SOS in Event Evangelism.

I am thankful for these committed people, the development and new
ideas. God's blessing on my life and ministry. There are many more things I would like to tell you but
time and space will not allow.

You can share in the blessings that the Lord gives SOS with your prayers and financial support. Just $5 or more a month would be a big

Serving Our Savior,

Psalm 34:3 O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

Teens Win Souls
at Festival

Teens Learn to Lead Others to Decisions

15 teens worked in the booth
We at SOS Eventsare so thankful for the young people who want to serve God. These 3 teens pictured along with 12 others did an outstanding job witnessing and
leading people to the Lord at the Strawberry Festival. Many of the vendors at other booms ask where these teens came from. They were well-mannered, courteous, serious about the mission of witnessing for
the Lord.

Would your church or young peoples' group like to know
how to witness for the Lord?  Please contact SOS Eventsat our new web site:
Or Phone: (813) 494-7512 (813)494-7927.

Thank You Faithful Supporters

Monthly support is very important to SOS Events. The ministry cannot continue without funds to do so. We would like to recognize publicly the churches that faithfully contribute to SOS. All of these churches have been faithful since the ministry began:

Bible Baptist, Seffner, FL
Bible Baptist, Hendersonville, TN
Calvary Baptist, Burlington, IA
Central Baptist, Crawfordville, FL
Emmanuel Baptist, Newington, CT
Grace Baptist, Quincy, FL
Hilltop Baptist, Cairo, GA
Liberty Baptist, Sweetser, IN

Many individuals send monthly
support, some send yearly support and others send an occasional gift.  Each one is a vital part of winning souls to the Lord. Every dollar invested trains soul winners, who lead many to Christ.

Would you consider investing in
God's Kingdom?

Carolyn's Corner

God is so good. The ministry has taken a different turn due to escalated fuel costs which effect all of us. Our motor home takes 100 gallons of gasoline and when we are on the road
we fill once a day. That has caused us to reconsider when and where we ought to travel this summer. We ask that you pray about what we should do
with our motor home. Keep it or sell it? Pray that God will direct us this year.

Staying in the Florida area except for 3 or 4 events that have already been scheduled seems to be our most sensible option. There are many events and thousands of souls in
Florida alone.

Also, we are in need of a different car. I have been hesitant to drive either our
'96 Olds or our '83 Buick. Both seem to have problems every time we go out of the drive. Thankfully Tom can repair almost anything.

Tom and I are more thankful each day for the churches and individuals who send support and want to be a part of
SOS Events.

Thank all of our supporters for your faithfulness. Everyone of you are key To me success of my ministry and will share in the Heavenly rewards.

Tom's health (heart and diabetes)
Traveling wisdom
Reliable vehicle
Additional monthly support
Decision about motor home

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