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Carolyn and Tom Curtis had a vision to see souls saved in Carolyn and Tomevery town, city, county and state in America. That is the plan and purpose of SOS Events.  For several years they worked winning people to the LORD in door to door evangelism, going to fairs, talking to people wherever they could about the LORD.

Realizing that they were limited in time and strength, their vision could not be reached in their lifetime, they worked for three years on a soul winning program to reach the lost in America, by training churches to go to events in their communities with “event evangelism.”

Tom and Carolyn were married in January 2001 and immediately started to put together ideas and material for SOS Events.  Tom had 20 years of experience winning people to the LORD, since the day he was saved in 1980. His conversion came after the death of his son, Nick, who was 12 years old.

Nick was playing in his backyard when a gasoline can spilled on him and one of his playmates lit a match and he was burned over 80% of his body.  After three months in the hospital, Nick asked his Dad if he knew Jesus personally, Tom said, “Nick there was no way anyone could know Jesus personally.” Right after that Nick died.

Nine years later, Tom was saved when a man came into his office and told him he needed Jesus. That night Tom went to church with Wally, and Tom heard for the first time in his 44 years that Jesus died for his sins. Tom prayed, was born again and gave his life to the Lord to serve Him the rest of his life.

His burden from that day on was to tell as many people about Christ as he could because no one had told him until he was 44 years of age. For 25 years he has faithfully witnessed and won many people to the Lord.

Tom worked with a ministry that went to county and state fairs winning people to the LORD. After many years with that ministry, he met Carolyn at a missions Conference.

Carolyn was saved at 21, on the day she was going to end her life by stepping into the waters of Niagara Falls.  That morning she met with her boss, who told her about how much Jesus loved her. This was a totally new concept for her and as she sat by Niagara Falls read the tract he had given her and she ask Jesus to forgive her sins and save her.

Shortly after that, she married the man who witnessed to her about Jesus. After rearing 11 children, teaching in Christian school, soul-winning for 30 years, she and her husband went into ministry full time going from church to church, doing whatever they could to help the Pastor, most of the time going door to door soul-winning.

After the death of her husband she continued in the ministry alone until she and Tom met and married in Jan. 2001.

Not only were they married to one another but the marriage of two ministries with the combined experience of 60 years of winning people to the LORD came into existence. Event Evangelism was born.

Event evangelism is when a group of Christians from a church or churches in an area, go to an event for the purpose of winning people to Christ. Event Evangelism can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It is a portable ministry. Each church can go a step further with their existing soul-winning programs.

Serving Our SaviorIn today’s society, most people work, they are not home when you knock on their door or they are too busy to talk to you but, when they are at an event, like a fair, flea market, parade, picnic or another activity, they will take 5 minutes to stop, look and listen to the Gospel if there is an attractive display to catch their attention.

SOS Eventsprovides ideas for displays, tracts, materials needed for successful soul winning at any event.  Winning people to the LORD is fun when it is done with team effort. SOS Eventshas a non confrontational way of winning people to the LORD.

What are the excuses some churches or individuals use for not winning people to the Lord? Christians get excited about evangelism when they have a plan, purpose and program to help them know how to be effective in witnessing to others.

After getting the name, address, age, phone number of each convert won to the LORD at an event, the local church needs to follow up on that convert and get them into church.

The second purpose of SOS Ministries is to see new converts in a discipleship program.  SOS Ministries will give your church ideas on how to get into homes of the new converts and get them into church.

A basic Bible Study course has been developed by SOS Eventsto help churches disciple these new converts.  SOS Ministries will train Volunteers how to teach and disciple new converts. A basic Bible study is available, plus a second more in depth Bible study can also be provided.

Salvation, Discipleship, Service and Duplication is the motto of SOS Eventsand should be the life saving circle of every Christian. Christians nationwide will have an opportunity to Serve Our Savior in their community,

Duplication is the 4th goal of SOS Events. When we multiply our service to the LORD by training others many more souls will be won. The USA is a big mission field. 160 million people do not go to church in America today.  Statistics also show that 160 million people a year go to fairs. People are seeking pleasure more than they are seeking God.

Why go to events in local areas? People need the LORD all over this country. Foreign missionaries are coming here to lead Americans to the LORD. The LORD has called us to go into the marketplace and go after these people.

Children need the LORD. Parks, playgrounds, neighborhood Bible clubs, sporting events are all places that could be the event where many children could be saved.


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Serving Our Savior,
Tom and Carolyn
SOS Ministries USA


We Believe the following

1. The Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God.

2. God created the heaven and the earth.

3. There is only one God, forever existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

4. The deity of our LORD Jesus Christ; His Virgin Birth; His sinless life: His miracles; His atoning death; His shed blood; His bodily resurrection; His ascension into Heaven; and His personal return.

5. Man is a lost sinner, therefore in need of salvation by the convicting of the Holy Spirit.

6. The Holy Spirit changes the new Christian; indwells, instructs, seals, reproves, and guides the believer; and fills and controls every life that is wholly yielded to Him.

7. Salvation is the free gift of God offered to man by His grace and received by repentance and personal faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.

8. Baptism by immersion after salvation is an act of obedience to the LORD.

9. The person who is saved has a bodily resurrection and the unsaved person will be judged and cast into the lake of fire.

10. Satan is real and he is an enemy to the work of the LORD but we can have victory over him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

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