“There were over 30 people saved in just two days”: Pastor Philip F. Schmidt, First Baptist Church, Farmington (Iowa).   Event – Strawberry Festival in Farmington.                    “Everywhere the Curtis family goes, a revival breaks out”: Pastor Ron Churchill, First Baptist Church of Plant City (Florida).                            “In a day in which thousands of churches fail to lead anyone to Christ in an entire year, and in an era in which the average Christian feels inadequate in sharing their faith, we are in desperate need of a ministry like SOS Ministries”: Pastor Joseph A. Bowles, Shiloh Baptist Church, Plant City (Florida).                           “They have developed an effective, easy to use, witnessing tool that bears much fruit”: Senior Pastor Benny E. Keck, First Baptist Church, Dover (Florida).        

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Carolyn and Tom Curtis

Tom and Carolyn at a gathering of ex-cultists in Illinois. Two were saved and many Christians used SOS tracts to witness to cultists. For over twenty years, the Master Jesus has been using Tom and Carolyn Curtis to save souls by simply sharing His word. While there are many different types of evangelistic styles, the Curtis' direct and non-confrontational approach clearly illustrate the power of the Heavenly Father's Word and the Holy Spirit in action. As a result, thousands of souls have come to accept Jesus as Savior.

SOS Lighthouse

SOS councels and trains your church team to conduct evangelistic events. In most cases, SOS Ministries maintains some level of involvement with your planned events.This lead-by-example involvement heightens the likelihood of event success, and is considered an integral part of the training process. This additional investment helps produce life-long harvesting skills in your team and family members.

What is bigger than God, worse than the devil, eaten by the dead, but if we eat it we die?

SOS Ministries is dedicated to helping all sorts of groups conduct evangelistic outreach activities. Praise to Yahweh Nissi, our banner and sail (Exodus 17:15). By the way, the answer to the riddle is NOTHING.

Youth Learn to Witness

Through this vibrant, life-changing ministry, SOS Ministries provides Counseling, Training, Education and Public Speaking services with emphasis on Salvation, Service, Discipleship, Duplication and completing the circle of life. Churches or other organizations may partner or engage SOS Ministries at almost any level, based upon their own needs or callings.

Jesus Walks in these Young Men

Tom has presented the "Three Things" to this Iowa football tem. All members were saved! SOS stresses the need for the incarnation (becoming like Jesus) - that many may have high intentions for the Father, but in order to see the potential fulfilled, they must walk as Jesus walked and be as He is.

One-on-One Too!

RAGBRI Bicycle Race in Iowa. A Police officer and others are brought to the Savior on account of personalized evangelism.

The Gate is Open to All

Carolyn finds a "warm stone" among the crowd. Jesus sets a sinner free.

Training Spanish Youth

Tom trains Spanish Youth in a church setiing. Twelve migrant worker children were saved.

12-year old Evangelist

Tom with the youngest person trained in our ministry at North Iowa State fair. She was 12 years old and won 10 people to Christ.

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